sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

They have no mercy.

They had no mercy. They destroyed everything they found, leaving absolutely nothing, behind they just left the dead, leaving them for the crows to feed. These people counted the glory of the victory depended on the crows that flyed down to feast on their victims. In the old stories it is said that after the big battles, a battle field as big as the seas them self’s, were covered in black. Legends say that in the first battle while the soil turned red, black clouds started to grow until it covered the whole sky, a sky full of black crows egeer to feed, knowing that these craters left million of dead were ever they whent. I don’t know if to believe this, but one thing is shore, where ever these people went, on their way just death was left. If it could break, it was destroyed. If it could burn, it was burnt. If it could die, it was killed. If it could feel, it suffered. These monsters were called mankind. Yes, and I myself am part of them, im a human. We all are. And this is what we do.

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