domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

That impossible someone.

In the end i allways end up the same. It was impossible at he time and more it is now, but still there is a part of me that will never forget. I think now a days is hard to find true people, true friends, true love. But when you find it and you know it a part of you will never let it go. Its hard to find someone that fits with you, someone that all your weakness put together. There are people that hurt but you eventually forget, then there people you never get to forget, you get over it, you keep going, you keep on living your life but those you will never forget, cuz simply there feelings to strong or people to important to forget. Sometimes that one person is impossible, that fucking perfect one person is imposible, so in the end you just have to put up with it and carry on. Its damn hard but you get there, you get to a point where you know your feelings and acept them, you know that itll be hard to find someone else but eventhought you do that person is never really gone, but you acept it and get on with your life, mabye just with a little hope that in a futre it wont be impossible.

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